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Elgin Fraser Remembered

March 31, 2008


This weekend past I took my kids to the second annual Elgin Fraser Champions Cup. This fundraising event started last year, to celebrate the life of little Elgin Fraser who, at only 3 years of age, succumbed to cancer just moments after witnessing his beloved Ottawa Senators defeat the Buffalo Sabres to move onto their first ever appearance in the Stanley Cup final. Elgin passed peacefully doing what he loved most – watching the Ottawa Senators with his family. This young man was the very definition of a Canadian hockey fan. He lived and breathed hockey.

This year, his mother announced that in addition to other great work, the Elgin Fraser Foundation, along with the Candlelighters participated in purchasing a suite at the Scotia Bank Place so they could send children fighting cancer to hockey games and other events.

Having been touched by childhood cancer myself when a close relative passed away at a very young age, I have witnessed how uplifted a child can be when they have something good happen to them. My cousin was fortunate to have met Bill Cosby at the height of the popularity of the Cosby Show. Bill was here doing a live show at the Ottawa Ex, and it was arranged for him to go to the Children’s Hospital to meet my cousin. That was better than any medicine could have been. He was also sent to Disney World with his family for a vacation through fundraising in the small town where he lived and through contributions from the Make A Wish Foundation. His older brother and sister, who were supportive beyond belief, took him to many events. The family members and community rallied behind him – even going as far to have a fundraiser to purchase a hair piece for him.

I guess that’s my long-winded way of saying that organizations such as Candlelighters and Make a Wish are very important and they make a huge difference in helping young children struck with disease make the most of their lives. They are very worthy of support.

So kudos to the organizers of this event, and a heartfelt appreciation to Elgin’s mother for having the strength to work to help other children struck with childhood cancer in the memory of her young son who showed great strength and courage during his short time here.

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